Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Silk garden hat

I made this hat out of a skein of Noro silk garden that I got at 50% off. I don't understand the obsession with this yarn. I'll admit that it looks beautiful when it's all knit up, but the spinning is inconsistant. So inconsistant in fact, that when I made a pair of armwarmers out of the stuff they came out too different sizes because one skein was spun tighter than the other. Actually sections of it were spun tightly and sections were so loose that the yarn would break when I tugged on it. I have yet to wear said armwarmers because I fear that my upper arms are too fat.

I am going to try to sell this hat because like most colours, it clashes with my hair. In other exciting news, I took this picture with my new digital camera which was paid for by my old friend VISA.


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