Friday, December 15, 2006

the awesome power of math

After waffling about it for ages (and ages and ages) I finally decided to place an order with Knitpicks. I was tempted to order a set of their Options interchangeable needles- however the shortest cable that comes with them is 24" which is just too big. I want to make hats, Damn it!!!

What I actually ordered was the knitting math wizard

I'm hoping that it will change my life. Math is hard.

I also ordered this book. It was a bit impulse-y but it's pink...and I've been eyeing it for months. Plus it was on sale and it has patterns for useful items such as knitted cupcakes and pints of Guinness. mmmm Guinness.

Speaking of books, I bought this one a few weeks ago. I like to shop.

I'm anxiously awaiting some free time so I can teach (well re-teach) myself how to crochet. I mostly want to learn for embellishment purposes...but who knows, perhaps it will change my life. Also, I want to make coasters and pot holders. I'm also anxiously awaiting the time when I can actually use some of the nice yarn I keep buying and knit something festive for myself. Perhaps some mittens. It will never happen.


At December 15, 2006, Blogger Soosan said...

Lisa you HAVE to bring the knitorama book the next time you can make it to the wed snb. It would appear there is a converse pattern! Once on the Ellen Show she had those for a guest and my friend and I were dying to know how to make em.

PS. Happy Hooker = Good times

At December 16, 2006, Blogger jacquieblackman said...

Yes, definitely bring the books to the next SnB.

BTW - I'm tagging you with a weird meme thing. Check out my knitting blog for details. Bwahahaha!

At December 19, 2006, Blogger Soosan said...

Ok Lisa, you've been tagged by me, so join in! Come over to my blog if you are confused.


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