Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Vintage knitting

I think I've finally figured out my layout problems (and accidently erased a whole bunch of links in the process), although I made the 'mistake' of looking at the blog through Netscape Navigator, where it appeared to be very flocked up. I'll never do that again. I figure, what I don't know won't hurt me.

In my continuing knitting adventures, I have decided that I should knit a real following the instructions...of a pattern...written by someone other than myself. My thinking is that if I ever want to design a sweater, I should try knitting one first. (I don't count capelets and mesh sweaters made out of sock yarn as real sweaters) So I decided on the hoody in this picture (that would be the one on the left) I probably won't bother with the embroidery though.

The pattern is a Beehive (aka Patons) pattern and probably dates from the early to mid '40s. The instructions are a little confusing, however, on the back of the pattern book it says "In case of difficulty write to PATONS & BALDWINS, LIMITED: TORONTO 10." So I'm sure that if I can't figure it out I can get some advice from the fine people at Patons and Baldwins Ltd. All I need to do is write a letter and build a time machine. The first confusing thing about the pattern was that it called for #4 British size needles, but I actually have some old British needles with the sizes written on them and figured out that a 4 = 6mm. Sadly I decided to use the British needles and they are very sticky and now my hands are rather chapped. Although I have about 3 pairs of 6mm needles, they are all sticking with the yarn (even my casein ones) so I'm debating whether or not I should go track down some bamboo ones in order to save my hands.

Here is a terrible photo of the left side and partial right side of the hoody. I'm using Mission falls: 1824 wool in Zinnea and I'm hoping I have enough. The pattern calls for 14 + 4 ounces and I only have 17.50. Then again, I've only used 1.75 oz (or 1 skein) so far, and I have 9 skeins left. I may try to pick up an extra skein or 2 so I can make a zipper placate since I'm also worried that the sweater is going to be too small. I'm not sure how much I love this yarn as I find it loses its twist really easily, especially if one has to keep unknitting rows due to confusion with the pattern.

(edit: I drew a little chart of the stitch pattern and it helped with the confusion. It was in fact, my first foray into charted knitting and I liked it.)

In other news, I got this book a few weeks ago from Knitpicks. It has really 'useful' things like knit and crocheted cupcakes and pints of Guinness and a sweet mallard duck wall hanging, which I may try to make at some point if I ever have time. Even if I don't use any of the patterns, her instructions are quite good and well laid out and the book is cute and inspiring, plus it was on sale. In any case, when I saw

on Amazon, I had to order it, wit the hope that it will encourage me to get my crochet on. I don't like the projects as much as the ones in the Knitorama book, but has a couple of completely frivolous things I'm interested in making if I ever figure out the crochet thing; some lacey spats, some lacey gloves, some other lacey gloves, a crocheted tie, a crocheted lampshade cover. Plus her instructions look a bit clearer than the ones in the SnB; Happy Hooker book and she even has a few pages on spinning. But now, I am really not allowed to buy any more knitting or crochet books.


At January 23, 2007, Blogger Peggy said...

Can't wait to see your sweater! I like Mission Falls, it's squishy and soft and machine washable (although I do agree with the untwisting part). I find that it also takes less to knit up (don't know why). I bought the recommended yardage, almost finished with the project and have 7 skeins left!!! Hmmm... maybe I mis-calculated?

At January 29, 2007, Blogger Needle Addict said...

7 skeins left. well that gives me hope that I will have enough.


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