Monday, January 29, 2007

I like grey

In the midst of winding yarn and procrastinating, I have been trying to crochet...something. I decided to frog the most recent incarnation of the PDA hat (attempt #5 I think) and feared that this hat and I are just not destined to be friends. I should mention that the first time I tried to make the hat I used Manos Del Uruguay varigated wool (colour 119; Adobe) and the results were for lack of a better word, vomitrotious. To be honest, I have yet to find a project for this yarn. It's beautiful but I think it may be yarn for petting as opposed to knitting. All of this has caused me to think about my yarn choices. I know that tastes in yarn vary wildly and are quite personal. I reflected on this as I stood in line at Romni, behnd a woman who was buying a small basket's worth of teal and white varigated eyelash yarn. I tried not to judge, I really did.

Some people love that stuff, just as some people love chenille, boucle and fun fur. I am not one of those people. (in fact my ex roommate Phil often critisized my drab and boring yarn choices, often exclaiming 'oh no, not oatmeal again') I bought some grey yarn.

It's Rowanspun dk and it was on sale. I wish they'd had more in this colour.

and I also bought other grey yarn

one hank of Classic Elite: waterspun. It was sad and alone, the only one of it's kind, on sale and also discontinued. I have a few hanks of waterpun in sage and I thought they could be friends. The yarn does seem a lot happier.

Truthfully, I do occasionally buy brighter coloured yarn, but I prefer single coloured yarn; and yarn that does not mix colour and texture, as that kind of yarn , makes me a bit queasy.

now speaking of crochet...and Classic Elite waterspun in sage

This was the beginning of the cranium hat from the Crochet me site. Then I realized that the gauge was off like woah and also the metal hook was too big and causing me pain. (which is why I actually went to Romni, to buy some bamboo hooks. The fact that some grey yarn came back with me was purely by accident, I swear. Actually I'm pretty sure it followed me home.)

Anyway, I came home, frogged that thing and started anew. At one point I realized near the end that I had somehow misplaced a couple of rows somewhere near the beginning, but there was no way I was starting again so I just 'modified' the design somewhat. I do think it needs some cheery embelishment. Perhaps some crocheted leaves or a happier looking model.

So here is the finished hat. It has been blocked but I think I should steam it as well. Also I am shocked at how jowly I look in this photo. I think I should stop buying yarn and save up for a chin tuck...either that or knit myself some sort of facial support garment. In any case, although this hat isn't perfect, it is a crocheted thing that I made so I'm pretty excited. Sadly, it is more of a summer hat so back to PDA I must go, because I just cannot continue to wear last year's hats.


At January 31, 2007, Blogger Sandi Purl said...

loving it. in any colour!


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