Friday, October 10, 2008

monthly update

Haven't posted for a while due to the fact that I am being crushed by the weight of the world. The other day someone told me I looked 30 and considering people used to think I looked 24, I realized my job was aging me by approximately 1 year per month.

In other news, I sort of finished that sweater:

Mods: the pattern called for bulky yarn but I used worsted and just made a bigger size

The pattern had 3/4 length sleeves but I made full length ones with a longer cuff that can be rolled up. I also made the sleeves more fitted, but that was an accident- I decreased too many stitches so I ended up doing small sleeves on a medium body. whoops.

I need to weave in the ends and sew on some buttons, also it is in desperate need of a blocking because the ribbing at the front is doing funny twisty things, but I want to make sure my place is 100% moth free before risking it. Either that or I may just pin it out on a table in my sun room and build a castle of Irish Spring soap around it. Speaking of moths, I did see a couple last week but it wasn't like the moth blitz of before. (knock o wood) apparently ex-roommate Phil has moths in his place as well, so I'm wondering if this is some sort of tiny wing-ed plague.

In other news I spent way too much money on Sublime Cashmere merino silk DK yarn to make a thing to wear to an upcoming event. This is...well was Spring Fling from knitty. It's a really cute pattern but I wasn't feeling it, plus the bound off neck edges just looked messy. Plus I lost track of what size I was making and what length I wanted it. I may try it again sometime in a more casual yarn.

the project formally known at Spring Fling

So I frogged the thing, ordered the Briar Rose bolero pattern and have been working on that. It's an interesting knit, but I am worried it won't look great because the yarn is very unforgiving if you're tension is as ass-y as mine and there is alot of stockinette involved. The yarn would have been better served by a lace-y pattern as opposed to stockinette but I just couldn't find anything I liked. I'm hoping blocking will save the day. When and if those moths are gone.


At October 12, 2008, Blogger jacquieblackman said...

I like your finished sweater. Seems it would have a nice fit, no?

And you are so good! I'm assuming that your knitting for Michelle's wedding? I'll be lucky if I have clean clothes to wear much less have a new knitted garment. Sigh!

Anyhoo, looking forward to seeing you soon!


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