Sunday, July 27, 2008


What to say, what to say?
I finished the the Vine lace vest and it isn't a complete disaster. There are some design flaws with the pattern... ie: sideways ribbing is always going to curl under always, also sideways ribbing will probably drop (at least if you make it in a silk/cotton blend- hmm maybe that's my "bad"). There were also some issues with my chosen yarn (misti pima cotton/silk). It is as fuzzy as hell, and as we all know hell is hella fuzzy. Also, because it is a cotton/silk blend it is as heavy as... well you know... it starts with an H. I don't mind the heavy thing though because I'd much rather it stretch lengthwise as opposed to widthwise. I also found that at 4 1/2 inches, the ribbing was a little wide, so I did a narrower band.
It looks alright, maybe a little twee but I did get (hopefully honest) compliments.

please note, it isn't actually this lavender in person. It is however, this twee

In other news, I have spent the past 2 months accumulating yarn. Whoops.

1. 12 skeins Knitpicks- Wool of the Andes in Merlot heather
2. 2 hanks Knitpicks- Bare; superwash
3. 1 hank Knitpicks- Bare; silk/wool blend
4. 5 skeins Patons Classic Merino in Evergreen mix
5. 1 hank Naturally handknit- Alpine 8-ply
6. 6 hanks Cascade 220 in grey

Its a whole lotta yarn and I think my work is done here. In any case, my yarn fast is in full effect now. Srsly. Which is good because work has slowed down, so I can't afford to buy yarn.
Also I should avoid buying more yarn because more yarn means more of this activity.


In other other news, I have cast on 3 different sweaters with the Patons Classic Merino.

First off was the V-necked pullover from Fitted Knits. It's a super cute top down raglan with ribbing at the waist and sleeves.

this sweater is now deceased

I really like the design off the sweater, and I actually got to the point where the sleeves are separated from the body, then I remembered that I never wear pullovers because they make me feel helpless and constricted. Even thinking about trying it on made me hyperventilate and remember too-tight itchy sweaters from my youth, so I frogged that baby like it was 1987. (I have no idea what that means, except that I had a lot of ill-fitting sweaters in my youth)

I then cast on that February Lady Sweater that everyone has been talking about. I (and all my friends, aquaintances and even the tiny ants in my apartment) had already determined that this sweater would look ass-y on me, as it looks pretty bad on people with big racks. But its so cute and seems like a fun knit and I want to make it and I can't hear you lalalalalala... However, after knitting about 5 rows of garter stitch I got bored and frogged it.

Then I went out and did some stuff and knit some roses and drank some wine and bought the new Vogue knitting, which is really cool and has all sort of things I want to knit and may be the best Vogue knitting evah and I cast on this thing:

I'm sure my gauge is off and I'm knitting it in a worsted weight yarn, so I'm sure it will be a gianormous knitted disaster, however I am willing to take that risk. It kind of looks like Romulan Knitwear which really appeals to me. I'll let you know how it works out....

In other news, have I always been this boring?


At September 01, 2008, Blogger Yvette said...

Ya, Stratford does seem like the kind of place that should have needles and yarn. I was surprised. We did find a "treasure" store that sold some knitted items made locally - with acrylic yarns purchased at Zellers, no doubt. Kinda reminded me of the ladies' auxilary hospital gift shop.

I dig the Romulen knit - maybe a hair shorter?


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