Monday, March 10, 2008

I can has cheezburger

I am exhausted. I want my hour back. Alright, it's not just the time change although truth be told even 1 hour time difference does a real number on my delicate system. I'm old school like that- I will never be an international jet setter. I am perhaps more suited to travelling by horse and buggy (although I imagine I probably get buggy sick) or perhaps by steam ship. But yes, I am exhausted. So exhausted in fact that I am making more coffee.

Speaking of exhausting; work was horrific on Sunday. I was on the phones and I was dialing all over the continental U.S for 6 hours and fifteen excruitiating minutes trying to entice angry Americans to take the damn survey. (it is actually a pretty important survey as opposed to the kind that ask about Uncle Ben's Rice(TM) or cell phones) In the whole time I was dialing I only got 4 people to agree to do the survey and only one of those people qualified. (and he was lovely BTW) Don't get me wrong here, I am not anti-American, and perhaps I should be thankful that the people were more "abrupt" than the average wishy-washy Canadian, however I have to say the experience was draining. It was also interesting because other people were getting surveys, so perhaps the problem is me. I generally have no problem getting people to talk to me in Canada, so I'm wondering if there is something about my voice (too Canadian? too British inflection-y? too theatrical? too CBC? too William Shatneresque? not mid-atlantic flat- enough) that was causing the Americans to hang up on me. Or perhaps I am just able to appeal to lonely old Canadians who want to talk. I should mention that after being switched to Canada, I got 2 surveys and several non-qualifiers in one hour and 15 minutes.... and I have to say, never have I been happier to be calling Vancouver in my life. At least these are friendly Canadian refusals. If I am on the phones and have to call the U.S. again today I may kill someone.

This is my life

Oh and on the way home the King streetcar got stuck because some idiot had parked really close to the track. I got out and tried to get a cab and these stupid men kept jumping in front of me and stealing cabs. When I finally got one, he was nice and got me home quickly so I gave him a large tip.

On the projects front:

I have a new knitting bag prototype in pieces, but I am not feeling coherant or awake enough to sew vinyl on a sewing machine or use "Loudy" the serger. I am going to hold off until tomorrow. (unless I am dialing the U.S. tonight, in which case it will have to wait until I get out of prison)


After lurking on the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry for a while, I am not feeling so bad about my most recent sock yarn acquisitions. I have enough sock yarn to make 8 pairs of socks (plus I could probably get another 1-2 pairs out of scrap sock yarn) and I have 2 pairs in progess. That's nothing. Really. Some of those people have enough for 90+ pairs of socks...not that I am judging.
But back to my socks...

I am still working on Fawkes for the February Sockdown. I've turned the heel and done two pattern repeat on the foot. I tried an Eye of Partridge heel in addition to the band heel. I actually started off with a linen stitch heel which looked great but was way too small... even now the socks are a little tight- which is a first for me and my super loose gauge. I have to finish this pair by March 31st. I wonder if it's going to happen.

I am also working on the Twilight socks from 2-at-a-time socks. I am using this yarn I picked up at Mary Maxim, It's Premier Yarns: Echo in colour way 42-208 and according to the picture on the label, it's supposed to do this crazy "Shazaam" style flashing, but it's not really happening in my socks, perhaps due to the knit/purl stitch pattern. These socks are most likely going to be gianormous though. I will probably still keep them because I am selfish like that, plus I don't like making socks for people because this would involve thinking about other people's feet.

I guess the socks are coming along, although the thing about the two-at-a-time technique is that is seems like they aren't growing. If I were doing them one at a time I probably would have turned the heel by now.

I've gotten further along than this, but for some reason this yarn does not want to be photographed

In other news I am feeling unhappy- in part due to my horrible job and in part due to PMS-y hormones coursing through my mopey veins. In an attept to cheer myself up, I went to the corner McDonalds and got a "Happy Meal". The fact that it no longer comes in the fancy cardboard box made me a bit unhappy. I had cheezburger. I opted out of the toy and got the McDonaldland cookies instead. Chomping down on cookies shaped like Grimace and the Fry Guys made me a little happy.


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