Saturday, January 05, 2008

Pretty puffy slouchy post

So I just realized that the images on my last post weren't showing up due to something weird going on in the HTML. hmm, I blame firefox.

This is the scarf I actually made for my Aunt for Christmas before deciding that drop stitches were too easy and something she could figure out herself, so I had better make something more complicated. I was going to give this scarf to someone else, but I wasn't sure who, so I decided to keep it because I am selfish like that.

I made it to the Purple Purl- which was awesome. I got some dpns and a gorgeous crochet hook

*pictured with Pretty Puffs Slouchy Beret in progress

and *cough cough* some yarn- even though I am not allowed to buy yarn. In my defense, I don't have any lace weight yarn. I loved that they had such a diverse selection of yarn with a variety of price points, and with a real focus on Canadian products. Also Jennifer and Kate and Miko were so awesome and welcoming. My only complaint: the store is not closer to my house. Maybe I'll move.

see- she likes it too.

speaking of crochet. I made
the Pretty Puffs Slouchy Hat. I actually started crocheting this in rowanspun dk- light grey tweed, (doubled) and got about 85% of it done before deciding that it really looked like congeled oatmeal or papier mache paste. (finally, because I've been trying to figure out what to do with that yarn for almost a year- I think it's going to be made into mitred squares for my 5 year mitered square blanket plan... I have about 8 squares done so far)
Anyway I frogged the damn thing and started it again in Fleece Artist country wool (which I got in the Romni basement and according to the internet, doesn't actually exist) This got me thinking about my yarn stash. I have a tendency to buy yarn on a whim because its pretty and then not use it because I want to save it for the perfect project- this just results in me buying more yarn for projects that I actually plan to make and just hoarding the other yarn. So it's good that I dipped into the yarn stash. Which frankly isn't that big. It's like maybe 85 balls/hanks/skeins.. and 1 cone... and that's counting WIP yarn. That is nothing. I am practically a yarn pauper.

and then there are the Belletrix socks. Some of the knittas scoffed at the hugeness, but look.

They do in fact fit over my calf... so knee socks it is. I have 50yds more than the specified amount of yarn, so I'm hoping it will be enough. Perhaps I will do the heels and toes in black just to be sure. It will be a sock adventure. Wheee!


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