Wednesday, January 02, 2008

socks and gift yarn

So I made this scarf for my Aunt for Christmas. I don't know if she liked it. But it was a fairly quick and easy knit. Unfortunately it does have a tendency to curl due to the cable.

Speaking of Christmas, some of you may remember that I bought my cousin this Fleece Artist sock kit

but her mother informed me that said cousin likes bulky yarn (probably because she is a fairly new knitter) so I decided to buy her some Manos del Uruguay and *cough cough* keep the sock yarn for myself. Although I am not completely in love with the colourway. The purple just isn't "dead" enough for me.

Still speaking of Christmas, I got the gift of yarn. Although it is from the dreaded Mary Maxim, it is still possible to get some decent things there.

I'm not sure what to use this for. Flip top mittens perhaps?

Austermman step yarn, with Jojoba and Aloe action. I'm not sure how I feel about the fushia stripe but I'm trying to find an interesting sock pattern to enhance the striping action. It would be great if that pattern wasn't Jaywalkers.

I'm pretty excited about this yarn. It's from Estelle, it has alpaca and has 400m per hank. I'm tempted to get more. They have a nice dead lavender colourway but I am determined to knit from my stash this year. In any case, I already have a project in mind for it: snicket socks... which would also look fabulous in a dead purple colourway.... hmmm.

Speaking of socks. The Sea wool Seduction socks are finished. YAY!. I actually got a good portion of them done over Christmas Eve and Christmas day, in between eating and opening presents. I actually have alot of yarn left over and could have made them much taller. Then again because it's Fleece Artist, I'll probably need the leftover yarn for darning. Also these socks are really effing warm.

Speaking of again of socks, I started a pair of Belletrix socks using the Fleece Artist merino which seems to work better than the Austermman Step. I'm worried they are going to be giant though. I cast on and did the ribbing using 2.75mm, switched to 2.5 for the top part of the leg, 2.25 for the bottom but I think I need to track down a pair of 2mm needles for the foot. I am also trying to get a pair of knee socks out of this yarn, If I run out, I'll just do the toes in black.

Speaking of the languishing sweaters. I have picked up the Airy Wrap Sweater again. Speaking of picking things up, my picked up stitches look pretty ass-y. I'm hoping that blocking will help. I'm also thinking of stretching it lengthwise when it's finished. I will probably just wet it and hang it off my dressmakers dummy and hope for the best. If I even finish it. I'm at the really boring stage of the thing and I don't particularly enjoy the yarn, so I can only do a couple pattern repeats at a time before screaming and throwing it back into my knitting basket.

The pink sweater is still waiting to be sewn together. Perhaps I'll do it on Saturday.

And because I don't have enough projects on the go, I started crocheting a hat.
I'm not sure how it will look though. I am using Rowanspun DK doubled, which is making a fairly crunchy fabric. Then again, apparently this yarn softens up and "blooms" with washing. I have been trying to figure out what to do with this stuff for the last yarn or so. I plan to make mitered squares with the leftovers.

In other news, I wonder if the blurryness of my photos is due to my camera, or due to my eyes.

Because of the fact that I accomplished the 3 things on my to-do list today, I'm thinking of heading out to the Purple Purl to check it out, and if I happen to buy yarn... well I guess I will have already broken my resolution.


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