Sunday, September 02, 2007

I got sock

Hey, it's a sock... and I made it... and I finished it...and I haven't frogged it yet. I'm probably about a quarter of the way into the second sock and will hopefully be able to return to it as soon as I finish the project of mysterious mysteries. The project with a deadline. RE:sock, I have to say that I am not in love with the kitchener grafting deal-y. Perhaps I will try something different for the next pair of socks. I have decided that when (not if, when!!) I finish this pair, I am going to buy some nice sock yarn (I can hear Lisa Souza calling my name). I actually have a hank of very nice yarn from Wellington Fibres (the 60% mohair/40% wool; worsted) that I picked up at the last Knitters Frolic, but I fear that 250 grams is not going to go very far.

Speaking of not getting very far, I have also stopped work on the Airy wrap for the time being. But will hopefully be able to pick it up as soon as I finish off the mysterious project of perpetual hassle.

Please block me

Do you think these cables will make my butt look big?

In other news, I finally got my Ravelry invite and it has been my chief means of procrastination for the past week. It's very addictive. My user name is Needleaddict if anyone wants to add me and hasn't yet. The one thing I have to say about Ravelry is looking at other people's amazing projects makes me feel bad about myself and my knitting ability. Then again, I have only been knitting for 2.5 years and umm I don't like fussy sweaters and lace shawls and such. So really my crappy looking projects are an aesthetic choice. That is my story and I'm sticking to it. I am edgy, non?


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