Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Book launches and such

Firstly, I have been remiss and generally sucktastic in my posting duties. I have no excuse. Perhaps its because I am ashamed of my terrible photography and then there is the laziness. Plus I seem to have developed some horrendous hives. I think I must be allergic to life.

Exhibit A. The No Sheep for You launch party on May 12. I am still cursing myself for not bringing my camera and for being a slack ass and not posting about it sooner. It was an awesome time thanks to the lovely ladies at Lettuce Knit and of course Amy Singer who is made of win. Not only did Amy provided us with food and alcohol and good times and generosity of spirit and such, but we were also allowed to take treasures from her stash and frankly, we should have been providing her with all of the above. In any case it was a fantastic time and check out Jacquie's blog if you haven't already. There is a picture of me looking quite deranged. Next time I will sing Kumbaya. I promise.

Exhibit B The Stephanie Pearl-McFee/Yarn Harlot book launch. I was prepared. I brought my camera. There were lots of people. Lots and lots of people. I got there early-ish, but not early enough to score one of the 120 (not nearly enough) seats.
Anyway, after waiting for a while more and more knitters began to pile in and stand and...knit. I felt like a rebel because I decided to do the forbidden crochet (it's a lot easier to do while standing/I dropped a stitch in my knitting/I just wanted to use my fly-ass Brittany crochet hook) But I digress.. eventually Stephanie Pearl-McFee hit tha stage and... talked about knitting for a long time. It was entertaining. I wish I could write something more in depth and insightful but currently my mind is a sieve.

I was standing in the back. I couldn't see much but I could hear just fine.

Here is Jacquie looking divine

Nadia and Susan. Those lucky girls got seats

The Yarn Harlot as captured by my mighty zoom lens *cough cough*

here I got a little closer now.

Aleta and friend

Susan... posing seductively in front of the travel section, and now off jetsetting in Italy. Lucky girl.

After the talk, many of us (more than 20, less than 400) headed over to the Spotted Dick for a bit of drunken knitting. I tried to take photos. I really tried. The Yarn Harlot showed up eventually. Her photos came out better than mine. I am in one of hers.... looking quite deranged.

In other news, tomorrow is the TTC knit-along Go team North!!!


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