Wednesday, March 05, 2008

All is bleak....

Again I ave been remiss in my blogging duties. Due to familial (sp) duties, I have been back and forth to Kitchener to see my grandparents and to spend time with my father who flew in from Fiji for 1 week. Other than that I have been working- and that is pretty much my life at the moment. However, all the bus trips and sitting in the hospital and such afforded me a bit of knitting time.

Pinky the socks AKA Broadripples are finished. Hooray.
As usual my pictures leave a lot to be desired, however I assure you that the socks are finished and there are two of them. I have even worn them a few times. They are currently a little damp since I tried to shrink them a little because as usual my gauge was a little loose and my feet are a little small.

Notice the smallness. This is why I only make socks for me and my tiny feet.

Stripey the socks are also finished after this most recent day trip to Kitchener. They are also a little damp as I excitedly wore them with shoes yesterday and then had to trudge home from work in the snow. It wasn't far from the streetcar stop but it was WET.

Speaking of work, we have been losing supervisors left and right so I have sadly had to add on a Wednesday night shift which means I won't be making it to the Wednesday night SnB anymore. I'm keeping my fridays open though, so I can still do Drunken Knitters and get 2 days off in a row. Work is pretty exhausting because we are so short staffed and in addition to having to run projects, we have to supervise hoards of stupid new interviewers. Most of the time I feel like I'm re-enacting that scene from Jesus Christ Superstar with the lepers.... only the can't remember how to log in to their computers and they're begging for headsets and pens.... and there is no music. In conclusion, work is draining and depressing and my job description has changed from "quality controler/monitor" to "project manager, babysitter, ESL teacher and warden".

(photo taken pre-frogging)

Speaking of socks, I started these "Harry Potter inspired" Fawkes socks for the Sock Knitters Anonymous February Sockdown. I started off using 2.25mm needles because my gauge is so damn loose at the best of times, but this made them a little snug and I anticipated not being able to get them of my tiny feet so I frogged up to the ribbing and switched to to 2.5mm. I am using Estelle Arequipa and... it's ok. The yarn is really soft but not as elastic as wool. Must be the alpaca. I'm worried that the socks will lose their shape after a few wearings/washings, but we shall see. I do have 2 more hanks of this stuff so hopefully it will work out. I'm not in love with the colourway on these socks. I was hoping the orange and red would pop more, but it's sort of muddy. Perhaps I should have used a happier colour since at the moment, all is bleak, all is winter.

I crocheted this hat a little while ago. I'm sort of meh about it. The ribbon is too twee I think and I had some problems with the pattern since she didn't include the number of stitched you are supposed to have after each row. I got confused and then just made it up as I went along. It was a stash busting project.... and speaking of stash, I have been on a yarn binge. (although sock yarn doesn't count as cheating on your diet, right?)

I bought a couple of skeins of cheapish sock yarn at Mary Maxim yesterday and *gasp* included 4 skeins of Knitpicks Palette and 2 Skeins of Essential in with my most recent order. (that "knitting 2 socks at once" book and a couple of pairs of circs... see I need cheap yarn to practice with... so I can learn..and stuff...yeah that's a good excuse right?)

EDIT: My Knitpicks order has just arrived. I am feeling overwhelmed since in the past 2 days I've gotten enough yarn to make 5 pairs of socks (9 skeins total...whoops) Although hopefully I will successfully learn how to knit 2 socks at a time and will go through al that yarn in a month. *cough cough

EDIT 2: I have started sewing pinky the sweater together. Perhaps I'll finish it this year... perhaps not.


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