Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Stat day

The 1-tone ribbed shrug is finished, blocked and ready to be worn; just in time for....Canada Day.

This was a pretty easy knit, it actually doesn't make my rack look too big, and happily, I used up 4 skeins of yarn from my stash. This is exciting for me since I am used to making 1 skein projects that have 1/4 of a skein left over (AKA: socks) I liked working with the Classic Elite waterspun, however it is probably not the best choice of yarn for me in that it really shows the unevenness of my stitches. Perhaps people will think it is a design feature.

After casting off, I spent some time trying to decide what my next yarn-eating project should be. Frankly, I should try to finish the Airy wrap Hairshirt of tedium. I did actually knit four rows the other day, and then the malaise hit me and I needed to stop working it and pick a fun project. My birthday present to myself was 12 skeins of Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Claret heather (and a few hanks of "Bare" but lets not speak about socks right now) and I plan to use it to make that February lady sweater that everyone is talking about. However, the idea of knitting hot hot wool in the hot hot heat does not appeal to me and I've been itching to dip into the Misti Pima cotton/silk that's been sitting in my stash for the past year and a half. I was wavering between several projects including the Hexacomb and even did a half-assed gauge swatch for this tank before deciding that this yarn would be a terrible terrible choice for this tank. I finally decided on the Vine leaf vest from Classic Elite, although I really wouldn't call that thing a vest. It's closer to a jerkin, or perhaps a doublet.

I am liking the way the yarn feels, although I'm not sure how well it will hold up.

and speaking of my birthday. It was fun... although low-key. I actually planned a big thing which I set up on Facebook by "creating an event" and then started angsting that I invited too many people, that I invited people who I didn't really want to invite, and that no one would get along. Luckily I realized on Thursday that I had actually forgotten to send the invites and I'm sad to say this made me a little happy. If a well dressed misanthrope such as myself can be happy. I had also sent some invites by email, but of course forgot to include the dates, so all the non-knitters were confused about what day it was happening. (hence I received a whole bunch of confused sort of birthday messages) Whoops. In any case, I went to Drunken knitters, and people kept buying me martinis. The plan was to go to the Savage Garden, we were going to be 7... with a couple of "we'll try to meet you there" but we ended up losing a few peeps on the way. So Nad, Laura, Michelle and I sat in the Savage Garden until we got bored (about 15 minutes) and then we headed to the Velvet Underground and played pool badly and danced while avoiding the gazes of 50 creepy guys. In any case, I had fun, although my birthday wish (which would have involved a random creepy guy singing old Cure songs to Michelle) didn't actually happen....and I didn't win the 27 million dollar 6-49 jackpot. But I suppose there is always next year.

I also finished another project. She likes it.


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