Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hello U.K part 2.5- the voyage and train stations

I'd like to go to to Scotland
I'd like to wear a Kilt
I'd like to show off my 2 legs and do just what I wilt

I'd like to go to Scotland
and show off my 2 thighs
I'd like to wear a minikilt and kick you in the eyes

I'd like to go to Scotland
and be so very bad
I'd wear a micro-mini-kilt
of plaid"

"Scotland" by King Missile

Ok truth be told- I would not be wearing a micro-mini kilt of plaid or of any other fabric or motif. Scotland is brrrrr, but more on that later. Day 4 of my U.K. adventure and we were heading up to Scotland. We woke up, got ourselves together, went downstairs and enjoyed a breakfast buffet at the hotel- mostly cereal and toast but I did fill my pockets with cheese for later. Pocket cheese- Oh yeah!! We walked to the tube station and took some public transit to the train station- can’t remember which one but it looks like this:

its this one

We wandered around the station for a bit and eventually got on the train. I had made sure to stock up on important train food; Walkers crisps, Hula Hoops-and Cheesy Wotsits so we would not have to resort to cannibalism. Meagie had booked us prime seating- 3 seats with a table and people looked at us with envy. There was one empty seat in our quad; someone was supposed to join us at Donegal? Doncaster? Lancaster? Not sure exactly where- somewhere Northern, in anycase- never happened which is probably good considering the fact that we ran out of crisps mid-journey.

I amused Meagie by pointing out which sheep were for sweaters and which were for eating “them’s eating sheep” I says…I mean I said. Truth be told I had no idea which sheep are for eating and which are for wearing, but my sister doesn't need to know that. We also played a rousing game of "that’s my mansion, that’s your shack" although due to the scenery it was mostly- "that’s my field, that’s your bracken, that’s my forest, that’s your shrubbery, that’s your wall, that’s Hadrian’s wall". Eventually a nice goth girl sat in our empty seat- to get away from the screaming children. She was most interested in my knitting. I had started a sock in the Toronto airport- although I didn't bother trying to knit on the plane as the seats were pretty cramped and the potential terrorist sitting beside me could have done a lot of damage with my 2mm bamboo sock needles. But I digress, I got a large section done on the train. You can knit on a lot of sock in 5 1/2 hours. The other interesting thing is as soon as we crossed the “border” to Scotland there was rain. How does it know?

York's Train Station

By the time we got to Edinburgh, we were half a million strong...ok we were actually 3 strong. Although truthfully we weren't strong; we were tired and hungry and full of woe when we saw upon disembarking from the train we had to climb stairs....many stairs- many steep stairs- This proved difficult on our train atrophied legs. But finally we had arrived.

Train stations are cool, non?

Check out my feet on the cobblestones of Edinburgh

Next installment. Edinburgh- and a plague of pamphlets


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