Sunday, February 15, 2009

February is for Failure

What have I been doing? Not much. Srsly. I finished the damn socks. finally. Mostly because I have decided to throw caution to the wind and knit at work between calls. At first I was avoiding doing this cause I felt it might screw up my concentration, but frankly it does help chill me out a bit when people call and scream at me in french.

How is work going? Well..... I'm not loving it- still having the insecurity and I've been screwing stuff up. Of course this is to be expected because I am new, but still - it makes me feel like Failey McFailureson and I don't like that....and I think my french is getting worse. Part of the screwing up is also due to the fact that I have been feeling like crap and have been some stomach issues, all of which culminated in my going to the ER on Wednesday, sitting around for 6 hours and then being told that "you don't have a lung infection or gallstones, therefore you're in great health, kythnxbye... oh wait we want to give you an ECG" I am worried that I have some sort of ulcer or digestive disorder, what ever it is- I feel that it's not in my head and it will probably require some sort of uncomfortable invasive test that will come up inconclusive. Hooray!!

But back to the angst. I have been feeling sort of 19 nervous breakdown-y and have been experiencing a big ol' crisis of confidence. Not cool- I think not drinking coffee may have something to do with this, but coffee has been making my stomach lining cry as has alcohol so I will have to hold off on those things and find some other sort of crutch.

In other news, I started some new socks as my February personal sock club socks. They are Moody Hose made out of Malabrigo sock yarn.

I am further along than this but am too lazy too take more pictures. So far they are a fun knit.....

and they are apparently delicious. NOM!


At February 22, 2009, Blogger Kiera-Oona said...

damn, i wish i could knit on the phone while at would make me less stirr crazy. I find that with the coffee/caffene situation, I get acid reflux from that as well. But, if you have a cappuchino instead of straight coffee, i find theres enough milk or sugar to counterbalance the acidity of the coffee....but thats just my two cents. I dont really drink anything except coke, and really sweet lattes when i can afford them

At April 09, 2009, Anonymous Susan said...

I would say you are pretty darn talented if you can knit and work at the same time. Stop being so hard on yourself.

Love those socks. I've just begun knitting socks and love it. I may have to look into that sock of the month club.


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