Tuesday, December 30, 2008

blurry yarn Pr0n

Christmas happened. I had a good time, I ate too much, I got business casual attire and booze for my new life.

I may have gone boxing day shopping at Romni

2 hanks Malabrigo sock yarn and 1 skein Lana Grossa ...something, calgary? caribou? colorado? I'd check the yarn but its already sealed into a paper bag with a pattern for my personal sock club 2009. As is the Malabrigo. I am as excited as my photos are blurry.

and Lettuce

4 hanks Manos del Uruguay in 34 colourway. I'm not really sure what colour it is. Laura thought it was sort of pink, I was seeing more of a murky purple-y green-y brown-y grey. Whatever colour it is, it is going to become a Briar Rose Bolero.

I also did some knitting.

This is a Meret although I am calling it my Meh-ret. It is a fun and satisfying knit but I'm not in love with the finished project. I am going to blame the yarn (fleece artist country wool.. soooo crunchy even after blocking, no wonder you have been discontinued) and the fact that I don't own a dinner plate big enough to block the sucker properly. It's ok though, I may make another one at a later date with a more appropriate yarn.

also I have started a sweater.

Well I have actually started 4 different sweaters with this Knitpicks - wool of the andes in the past few months and haven't been feeling any of them. Again I blame the yarn. Not that there is anything wrong with it- but I am used to knitting sweaters with heavy worsted/aran stuff like my imaginary boyfriend who is not that hot but he fixes things around the house and my neighbour who gets on my nerves but can be useful if for example I need to call him when I think I am having a stroke and require an ambulance. This stuff is thinner. Like a light worsted or almost a DK weight. So I decided to cast on a sweater that calls for DK weight. This is (hopefully) going to be Bridie from the Knitknit book. It is very business casual yet vintage and dare I say edgy? Yes I dare say it.... EDGY!


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