Saturday, May 01, 2010

Andrea's shawl is finished and the results were better than I had originally anticipated. Also I have worn this twice in public and have heard no laughter or snickers behind my back, which is a good sign I think. The pattern was an interesting knit as it deviated from the usual triangle shawl construction although truth be told, the picot edging made me want to stab my head at times.

Speaking of shawls, I started 198 yards of Heaven pretty much immediately after casting off the previous shawl. I decided to make it using partial balls of stash yarn. 1/2 a ball of Noro Kuryon sock for the centre and Patons Kroy sock yarn for the edging. This was a very quick knit although the instructions were a little unclear in the pattern. While a was unpinning the shawl after it was dry, someone decided that it was actually her shawl and I was not allowed to have it. Although this certain someone likes to like down on pretty much any blocked piece of knitting, this shawl elicited a never before seen excitement for the cat. I think the reasons are twofold, firstly the Noro yarn is scratchy, and cats dig that and secondly and more importantly, the shawl matches her almost perfectly. It's a little eerie actually.

I did manage to get the shawl from her (after all I am bigger and have hands) and she actually allowed me to wear it to work (ok, I snuck it out when her back was turned)Perhaps I'll knit one for her at some point, but I think she prefers to steal mine.


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