Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What exactly is wicklow?

I based this hat on 2 vintage Beehive patterns. I used Stylecraft Gaelic yarn in 'Wicklow' for the scarf. The yarn is 95% acrylic and 5% viscose but it looks and feels like wool. Must be some some sort of spooky British yarn technology. I used Patons Classic Wool Merino for the hat. It took about 100 grams- well it actually took about 125 grams because I reknit the peak 3 times. I think I've got it figured out now.

Please sir can I knit some more

Wrist warmer

Here are some Dickensian style wristwarmers I knit. I used Tivoli Luxury Tweed Aran. It's a nice soft yarn which is only a little itchy.


Here is a groovy purse that I knit. I used Lana Gatto- Caribu yarn which I believe has been discontinued. I bought the yarn because it was on sale and I liked the red and blackness of it. There is a picture of a cat (aka a gatto) on the label but I'm fairly sure that the yarn does not actually contain cat hair. I've also used it to make a pair of slippers and it worked fairly well because it knits up kind of rigid like. It does however have a slight exfoliating effect.


I made up the pattern myself because I like to do that sort of thing. It was inspired by purses from the 1940's and 50's and I am now knitting up another one (or two or three if I have enough yarn) in Filtes King Konny - a bulkier yarn which I also got on sale and which is also most likely discontinued.