Sunday, September 24, 2006

The clothing show is over, hooray!!

The clothing show is over and I'm slowly getting my life back. Remind me to never spend 16 hours a day sewing for a month ever again. On wednesday night I went to the SnB meet up and felt like a schmuck for missing the last 6 weeks. I'll try not to do that again.

Yesterday I went for a long wander and ended up at the Dufferin Mall (the happiest place on earth?) to check out the new H&M. As far as H&Ms go, this one was pretty good (at least for women's wear)

I bought this sweater for $29.99

I feel a little ashamed because I could have knit one myself, but I don't have the time and I couldn't have bought the yarn for under $30 plus I don't actually enjoy knitting sweaters. So shame be gone. The sweater is kicky.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

its my tote..bag

against my better judgement, I am informing people of my exact location at a particular time.


Hey local people, come visit me and my lovely helper at the Clothing Show. Booth 229.
I will be the tired girl in the wrist brace, my partner in crime boothsitting will be the boy reading Kant. Should you buy anything, we will endevor to give you the correct change.

The fraying edge really is a design feature. Hey if it works for Ben Sherman, why not me? In fact, I am 'rocking' the homemade aesthetic in order to bring you, the public, a product that is more...personal. Each tote was made by a real person, and is hand crafted with...well not love exactly, but some sort of feeling. It's very intimate.

yarn 098yarn 101yarn 096yarn 095yarn 093kitty tote; blackyarn 091kitty tote; aquaparkdale specialgingham kitty tote

There will be other stuff too. all manner of totebag. a bit of miscellaneous knit...product.
So come visit me and help support my fabric habit.