Tuesday, December 30, 2008

blurry yarn Pr0n

Christmas happened. I had a good time, I ate too much, I got business casual attire and booze for my new life.

I may have gone boxing day shopping at Romni

2 hanks Malabrigo sock yarn and 1 skein Lana Grossa ...something, calgary? caribou? colorado? I'd check the yarn but its already sealed into a paper bag with a pattern for my personal sock club 2009. As is the Malabrigo. I am as excited as my photos are blurry.

and Lettuce

4 hanks Manos del Uruguay in 34 colourway. I'm not really sure what colour it is. Laura thought it was sort of pink, I was seeing more of a murky purple-y green-y brown-y grey. Whatever colour it is, it is going to become a Briar Rose Bolero.

I also did some knitting.

This is a Meret although I am calling it my Meh-ret. It is a fun and satisfying knit but I'm not in love with the finished project. I am going to blame the yarn (fleece artist country wool.. soooo crunchy even after blocking, no wonder you have been discontinued) and the fact that I don't own a dinner plate big enough to block the sucker properly. It's ok though, I may make another one at a later date with a more appropriate yarn.

also I have started a sweater.

Well I have actually started 4 different sweaters with this Knitpicks - wool of the andes in the past few months and haven't been feeling any of them. Again I blame the yarn. Not that there is anything wrong with it- but I am used to knitting sweaters with heavy worsted/aran stuff like my imaginary boyfriend who is not that hot but he fixes things around the house and my neighbour who gets on my nerves but can be useful if for example I need to call him when I think I am having a stroke and require an ambulance. This stuff is thinner. Like a light worsted or almost a DK weight. So I decided to cast on a sweater that calls for DK weight. This is (hopefully) going to be Bridie from the Knitknit book. It is very business casual yet vintage and dare I say edgy? Yes I dare say it.... EDGY!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

and that's how Skeletor saved Christmas

The Christmas knitting is for the most part finished, with the exception of the neverending scarf of malaise. I will finish that tonight as we watch the best Christmas special ever"

Here are some mittens that I knit. I think the black ones I made for myself are nicer but you cant fight city hall

Here are some presents that I wrapped. They look slightly better than last year's presents, but thats not saying much. For some reason even though I am a designer and have made many nice looking props and a full Edwardian dress out of paper, I am unable to wrap a present to save my life- so hopefully it will never come to that. There are several explanations for why I suck at wrapping presents. I think I have some sort of existential despair about present wrapping and presents in general. ie: "Why bother wrapping presents as the paper and presents will end up being thrown onto the alter of emptiness. We are surrounded by a miasma of decay, futility and nothingness. There is no absence of void... Oh merry christmas"
Also there is the ecological aspect. This year I went green and used reusable gift bags and tissue paper which can be mulched and recycled into a nutritious breakfast cereal... the sparkles add fibre. Mmmm. In any case, this year's batch of presents are superior to last year's because this year's presents are not wrapped in old newspaper and brown paper lunch bags with names and cheery greetings applied with a black sharpie (tm). I win at Christmas.

I am now procrastinating. I need to tidy up a bit and then head over to Yonge and Eglinton for cookie baking and spritzer drinking, and of course tomorrow the highlight of the season-

the kitschmas tree.

I may not be able to wrap presents but I can carve an angel out of cheese.

In other news

Michelle is back from Mexico, she picked up lots of souvenirs

and by the way this is a retaliation for this post

Happy holidays. :)

Edit: I am swearing because blogger ate half my entry

Monday, December 15, 2008

praise santa

Christmas knitting is kicking my ass. Usually I only knit one present but this year I am trying to be all thrifty and personal and stuff. Never again I tells you. Never again. The one thing that I've finished is for someone whose plans have changed and is not going to be here over the holidays. Bah. Oh, and I did finish the Amigurumi doll which I have decided to give to my cousin as I think it's a bit too alternative for Gramma and my cousin will appreciate it more.

This means I have to make something else for Gramma. I settled on a couple of these

I think they're more her style. Plus she never likes anything I give her so I'm not going to stress about it. In other news the scarf of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz for Poppa is zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

It is actually longer than this- 34" right now, so I think I need to do at least another 16- 20" and since I am going to be seeing the Grandparentals on Christmas day (which is a week earlier than I had anticipated) I may have to give Poppa a card with a yarn swatch telling him he'll be getting the real deal on New Years Day. This is why I don't do scarves.

Because she admired the ones I made for myself, I am also doing some newfoundland mittens for my aunt. At least they are a fun knit although I am worried she may not like the colours as I decided to make them in white instead of black.

In other news, I am out of the funk. Most of what was depressing me was circumstances beyond my control as opposed to a chemical imbalance. I am now seeing a light at the end of that particular gloom tunnel and things will definately start looking up in the new year. That is all I'm going to say about this for now because one never knows who is reading these things.... but I will get into more detail as soon as I can.

and speaking of the new year, I have decided to do a "personal sock club" for 2009. I read about it on some destashing group on Ravelry. What you do is match sock yarn to patterns and put it in an unmarked paper bag which is stapled shut. Then each month you pick a new one to do and open the bag and it's all like "Surprise...its sock yarn and a pattern!!!" It has the fun of a sock club without at the $$$. Its actually great idea for me because I've stalled on sock knitting partially because I can't decide which ones to do next. I don't really have that much sock yarn though, discounting odd balls and leftovers, I have enough for 11 pairs and one hank of Knitpicks Bare to dye which will get me up to 12. Wow, I need more sock yarn I think.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

all your dreams are dead

I am trying to get Christmas knitting/crochet done.

I made this doll for someone for Christmas, maybe my grandmother, maybe my cousin... sadly not me. I like it. Maybe I'll make another one.

I have not really progressed on the scarf of boredom. I think it's half done now. Remind me to never make a worsted weight scarf again. It makes me feel like this.

I still need to start or finish the following gifts

1. brown scarf (in progress)
2. something for my Aunt (mittens? hat? Cowl?)
3. hand dyed yarn for my cousin
4. possibly something for my grandmother is I don't give her this doll.
5. Toys for She-ra (my cat)
6. Toys for Pansy (grandparent's cat)

I think I can do it. Hopefully. It beats cleaning my apartment.
I don't have anything else to say at the moment. Hopefully next week will be more exciting... in a good way. Perhaps I'll buy some clogs.