Sunday, February 15, 2009

February is for Failure

What have I been doing? Not much. Srsly. I finished the damn socks. finally. Mostly because I have decided to throw caution to the wind and knit at work between calls. At first I was avoiding doing this cause I felt it might screw up my concentration, but frankly it does help chill me out a bit when people call and scream at me in french.

How is work going? Well..... I'm not loving it- still having the insecurity and I've been screwing stuff up. Of course this is to be expected because I am new, but still - it makes me feel like Failey McFailureson and I don't like that....and I think my french is getting worse. Part of the screwing up is also due to the fact that I have been feeling like crap and have been some stomach issues, all of which culminated in my going to the ER on Wednesday, sitting around for 6 hours and then being told that "you don't have a lung infection or gallstones, therefore you're in great health, kythnxbye... oh wait we want to give you an ECG" I am worried that I have some sort of ulcer or digestive disorder, what ever it is- I feel that it's not in my head and it will probably require some sort of uncomfortable invasive test that will come up inconclusive. Hooray!!

But back to the angst. I have been feeling sort of 19 nervous breakdown-y and have been experiencing a big ol' crisis of confidence. Not cool- I think not drinking coffee may have something to do with this, but coffee has been making my stomach lining cry as has alcohol so I will have to hold off on those things and find some other sort of crutch.

In other news, I started some new socks as my February personal sock club socks. They are Moody Hose made out of Malabrigo sock yarn.

I am further along than this but am too lazy too take more pictures. So far they are a fun knit.....

and they are apparently delicious. NOM!